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Ed x Al is my OTP by LadyEldaelen Ed x Al is my OTP by LadyEldaelen
Hokay. So there's these authors. And they've got these stories, these masterpieces of awesomeness that have totally raised the bar for crossovers everywhere. Set the standard. Just don't start reading unless you've got a couple days of free time, you will be sucked in. Seriously, I have no idea where I found time to study for finals between reading all those chapters they've got archived. Anywho, needless to say, I've had plenty of inspiration for my drawing muses.

The armored Al we know and love from the FMA anime meets the eccentric Ed from Cowboy Bebop in Once More, With Pirates. Whether or not anything develops between them, I think the pair is incredibly adorable. And considering the insane amounts of fandoms slinging through the air, having Ed meet up with the fleshy human Al from Balance of Power isn't that far of a stretch, right?


Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist --> Hiromu Arakawa
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, Cowboy Bebop --> Shinichiro Watanabe
This particular Al and Ed --> ~Heathenesque and co.

Balance of Power: [link]
livejournal archive (with a couple more chapters): [link]
Once More, With Pirates: [link]
Gotta Knock a Little Harder (the prequel): [link]

Better yet, just go here and read everything: [link]

[Pic sketched in pencil, inked with Alias Sketchbook Pro. 2 (love!), resized in Photoshop. Fic written on insomnia.]


"I'm glad you're leaving tonight, Al," Eugene confessed as they headed back from lunch. Al's steps slowed as the words sank in; he was glad to be leaving, too, but he was also regretting the closure of their friendship. The pair was about halfway down the hallway leading to their ward when they finally stopped, but even though they were alone, Gene beckoned Al closer.

"While you were visiting the babies in the NICU this morning, I was in the computer lab. My monitoring program picked up a snooper."

Al tried valiantly to follow Gene's train of thought, although thinking too hard on some of this world's technologies still left him with a headache.

"Someone broke into the hospital's mainframe last night," Gene continued, not noticing the confusion worming its way across Al's face. "A very talented someone. They didn't do anything... just... looked. But they covered their tracks so well that I couldn't even find anything useful."

Alarmed, Al immediately tensed, waiting for the impending chaos that always managed to find its way to him.

"Could it be that fed-guy Ray's been talking about?" he whispered.

"No," Gene leaned against the back of his wheelchair, thoughtfully tapping the armrests with both index fingers. "No, this is the best hack job I've ever seen, definitely not government. Seriously, the only trace I found was for a nonexistent chain of 'Radically Fresh' produce stands with locations claiming to be on Mars, two of Jupiter's moons, and some of the smaller asteroids orbiting the sun. Bizarre. Totally bizarre."


The warning came less than a second before a human projectile launched itself at Alphonse. He barely had time to whirl around and brace himself for the onslaught of an unexpected hug. Gangly arms and legs latched themselves all over Al's frame as he half-supported, half-restrained the strange creature that had suddenly appeared.

"Ooooo..." a decidedly youthful female voice exhaled in awe as fingers poked and prodded over Al's shoulders and arms and side. Al squinted as the fluorescent lights reflected off the girl's hair, the most outrageously fiery red hair that Al had ever seen.

Abruptly she released her hold on him and landed silently by his side. They stood nearly eye to eye, and Al was surprised to find a pair of golden eyes the color of his brother's staring back at him with a similarly shrewd Ed-like gaze.

"The Al-person has found himself again!" the girl announced happily, breaking into an ear-splitting grin before entwining her impossibly long arms around him in another awkward --yet strangely comforting... and almost familiar-- hug. Al felt his cheeks heat up until he was certain that they were redder than the girl's flaming hair.

A terse yip sounded close by his ear and the girl released Al again in favor of trying to look behind herself. It was then that Al noticed she had a backpack slung over her shoulders. A backpack with an adorable dog peeking out the top. An adorable dog that looked most happy to see him. Could dogs even make looks like that?

Before he had a chance to ponder canine facial anatomy or even pet the eager pooch, the girl had spun completely around to face him again.

"Ein, Ein! Ein says it's time! Must return to my own storyline!" The girl chanted as she waltzed circles around the boys. She swooped down in front of Gene with a mischievous grin. "Five a day keeps the doctor away!"

And then she was skipping and twirling down the hall with enough gusto to put Armstrong to shame.

"Tell Edward that Edward says hellooooooo!!" her cheerful falsetto echoed behind her as she turned the corner heading back towards the cafeteria. Not five steps behind her, two more people ran across the open hallway, a woman barely clad in yellow and a man in a blue suit.

"This is why I hate kids, Faye," the man grumbled as they disappeared after the girl.

Al and Gene blinked in unison, looked at each other, and blinked again.

"What... just happened?"

"Alphonse Elric?"

The boys, still a little drained from the energetic sensory overload they'd just experienced, turned around slowly to find a dark-skinned man dressed in black standing calmly behind them. He slipped on a pair of sunglasses with one hand and reached into his inner suit pocket with the other.

"I believe I can explain everything," he replied with practiced confidence, pulling out a small, handheld metal cylinder with a glowing top. "Now if you just look right here at this light..."
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KaelinB Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVE THIS! Burst out laughing too. Good job!
gumgum-san Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007
Great, now I like this.

And I'm going to create fanart to make it happen.
AgnesPterry Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2006
Hehehe . . .:-) I love that fanfiction. It IS totally cool. And Ed+Al would be awesomeness. I so need to catch up on that series. I think they'd just finished the first session in "court" with Q? . . . maybe a few chapters beyond that. Anyway, nice job!
Heathenesque Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2006  Student
*luffs muchly* :D

Sweet comments! (and I REALLY need to get my website updated, I know... and -Finish- OMWP, but BoP is eating my braiiiiin!)

has set up a club here at dA called cowboys-and-alchemy, here: Please join? And submit this. It's just so darned adorable!
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